Meet Stephanie and her family. A family that value autonomy and independence in their home and life. They are one unit, and Stephanie wants her kids to feel their parents are there for them. “But we are also four individuals, with different characters, different preferences, different needs and wants. Eloise is very happy at her daycare, Juliet has lots of friends at school, and my husband and I are both pleased to have our careers,” Stephanie says. Their family life is really the foundation to all of it, but it doesn’t mean they can’t all have their own lives, too. “And because of that, the time we spend together often feels extra precious”, she continues. They eat dinner together, read a book or watch part of a movie together before bedtime, and it’s important for Stephanie that she or her husband stays with the kids until they’ve fallen asleep. “That end to their day spent in pure togetherness – that’s something I have come to cherish so much”.

Stephanie Duval was born and raised in Antwerp, currently lives in Switzerland, and always dreams of New York. She is a frequent traveller, and the camera is glued to her hand while updating the Instagram profile @70percentsteph

It’s essential for Stephanie that she likes the way her kid’s rooms looks. It’s the family home, so they all need to feel comfortable and happy there. She tries to navigate away from superhero-themed children’s rooms. Instead, she tries to find what the girls really like - a version or alternative that is stylish and beautiful to her eyes as well. “Usually, they are over the moon with what I pick out for them – and sometimes I let them choose things from a pre-selection that I’ve made”, she explains. “I like to think that I teach them to value good quality and design, and I protect them from overstimulation by keeping things a bit pared down.”

“The interior in the kid’s rooms needs to be accessible for them – safe, obviously, but also like it is designed with them in mind,” Stephanie says. “That’s why I picked the Wood Mini+ basic for Eloise when she was born instead of a junior size bed. I didn’t want a bed that would feel too big for her. And she’s slept in the ‘crib mode’ up until two months ago: she simply didn’t ask or show a need to be able to get in and out by herself before”. Stephanie loves the idea that she felt so good in her little ‘nest’ for so long. After the Summer break, Eloise discovered her independence, and Stephanie appreciates furniture that can grow and transform with the life of kids.

Invest in pieces that can grow and transform with your child, and look closely to discover their real needs before you add anything significant. Also – choose the item you know you’ll still love ten years from now. You can change the sheets and the decorations and the toys, but make it so that the furniture is this beautiful base that is timeless so that it adapts to any new style you introduce to the room

Stephanie Duval

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